Types of Spotify Merchandise

Merchandise is a major part of a band’s overall promotion plan. There are different types of merchandise, from artist-wrapped CDs to microsites to PODs to Merchbar. Having a good understanding of each type will help you decide which types of merchandise to pursue.

Artist Wrapped

Merchandise is a huge part of the music industry. It can be the lifeblood of an artist’s career. Spotify has made a push in this area with their Wrapped campaign.

There are several new features in this year’s Wrapped. For starters, the company is including links to the artists’ merch pages in its messages to fans. This is a big deal for artists, as Spotify reaches hundreds of millions of users.

The company has also partnered with e-commerce platform Shopify to allow fans to purchase merchandise from the artists’ online stores. For artists who connect their Shopify account with their Spotify for Artists account, fans will see a shopping link.

Spotify has also expanded its free tools for artists. Now, the company is providing a checklist to make sure all artists are on track to create the best year-end marketing campaign yet.

There are several new features, like the “Thank You” function that allows artists to upload short video messages to thank their fans for supporting them this year. These messages will be included in Wrapped.

Aside from the aforementioned video messages, Spotify also is sending out emails listing the best artists of the year. These emails will also contain links to virtual merch tables.

The Wrapped campaign also includes a new microsite for artists. The site will be available for artists with three or more listeners before October 31, 2021.


Merchandise for Spotify is managed by Merchbar. Merchbar is a company that provides a platform for artists to sell their merch. Merchbar has a wide range of products for sale, including t-shirts, posters, vinyl records, and sportswear. Depending on the artist or band, the products can range from $10 to over $200.

Merchbar’s partnership with Spotify allows fans to purchase merchandise for their favorite artists. The company is responsible for managing the distribution of music merchandise between artists and fans. This partnership allows the nearly two billion music fans to buy merchandise.

Merchbar aims to change how fans buy products. The company works with the world’s largest music and merchandise companies. The algorithm used by Merchbar automatically updates product listings, so fans will always have access to new offers.

Merchbar partners with 100 merch companies. Those companies include major labels, record labels, and retailers. Merchbar also works with a variety of wholesalers and logistics companies. This allows Merchbar to connect with all of the companies that provide music and merchandise to artists.

Merchbar is free to use. The company accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. It also offers a mobile app.

Merchbar ships worldwide. However, international customers may experience a delay in shipping. It may take as little as 8 days or as much as 30 days. It’s best to check the shipping company before placing an order. The shipping fee is $5. When an order is processed, customers receive a confirmation email with an order number. If they have questions about their order, they can contact Merchbar’s Fan Support.


Having a wide variety of trendy products is a great way to boost your business. You can do that with Printful, a company that has been in business since 2013. It’s not an ecommerce website like Sellfy, but it does have a large selection of products.

Printful has a variety of products including men’s and women’s clothing, bags, and tops. It’s also got a good selection of home and living products. They even have a selection of eco-friendly products, which is a nice touch. They also have plenty of options for graphic design.

They also have a nice selection of products for entrepreneurs, and their support is quite impressive. They have a help center, and it’s always easy to contact them.

They also have a free mockup generator that allows you to customize your products. You can add images, stickers, and other creative elements. You can even link your product catalog to your social media accounts. They even have a cool app that makes it super easy to order products. You can even pay with a Printful wallet, which means you don’t have to give out your credit card details.

Printful is a great choice for independent artists, small businesses, or eCommerce entrepreneurs. They’ve got a wide variety of products, including fast-selling brands, and you can even sell your own products on their platform.

Their products and prices are detailed on the Products and Pricing page, and you can check out their sample products to see the quality of their prints. They have several fulfillment centers in the US, and they also ship to a variety of countries.


Podsights is a podcast ad attribution company that’s excited to be part of the Spotify family. The company has an 11-person team that is not currently involved with other functions of Spotify, such as creating or editing content. Spotify will be able to leverage Podsights’ intelligence, while Podsights will be able to leverage Spotify’s technology.

Podsights has a slew of ad attribution and measurement tools. Their benchmark report showed advertisers running across multiple publishers had a 33 percent higher conversion rate than those who didn’t use Podsights. They also figured out a way to make money from their products.

Spotify recently announced that it had rolled out a new newsroom. It also acquired a few podcast companies, including Whooshkaa and Chartable. The Podsights team will work for Spotify, but it’s not clear if the company will stay in-house. It’s not clear if this means there will be a change in Podsights’ organizational structure or if it will remain in the podcast advertising space.

The company has also made a splash in the merch market by adding a merch store to its site. Merchandise can be sold in select countries. There is no credit card required. Merchandise is also limited edition.

The Shopify-Spotify integration makes it possible for artists to sell merchandise directly to fans, which makes for a steady revenue stream. Artists can also link their Shopify store to their Spotify artist profile, allowing them to easily list up to 250 items. You can also add custom fonts and graphics to your store’s products.

Artist Island

Streaming music company Spotify has partnered with game maker Roblox to launch a virtual musical island called Spotify Island. It will feature a variety of in-game content, including music, games, and quests. Players can also interact with virtual artists. These artists will be able to sell their merch in the game.

Spotify Island is a vibrant and colorful world. It features a central mainland and a number of smaller islands, each containing a merch shop. In addition to these shops, there are virtual venues where players can bust out a few dance moves. Users can also go on quests to collect musical notes and get to the top of the island’s leaderboard.

Spotify has announced that two K-Pop artists will be featured in the island: singer SUNMI and South Korean boy band Stray Kids. The company plans to release new content throughout the year. The K-Pop-themed islands will include themed mini-quests, artist interactions, and other exclusive content.

The virtual world is meant to offer a new platform for artists to interact with fans. Players will be able to purchase in-game merchandise, and artists will receive an undisclosed percentage of the sales. Eventually, the company plans to branch out into more themed islands and offer a variety of virtual music-related experiences.

Spotify says that the island is meant to bring fans and artists closer together. Artists will be able to work with the company to design in-game virtual merchandise for their fans.


Whether you are looking to build your own microsite or get your existing merch page onto the platform, Spotify can help. The company’s in-house creative team can help you with a microsite or custom experience.

A microsite is a small website, usually a standalone site that isn’t your main website. Microsites are often used for campaigns, events, or product launches. They are often smaller versions of the main site, with the ability to do different things and have different levels of service.

In March, Spotify launched the COVID-19 Music Relief microsite, which allows users to donate to a cause of their choice. The microsite is designed to be easy to use and simple to share.

Spotify recently launched a new microsite that provides 15 data-driven insights. These insights aim to help artists improve their Spotify numbers. It also includes actions to help improve their reach and metrics.

Spotify is currently working on an immersive AI microsite experience, powered by listening data. It features a life-like version of The Weeknd, and a one-on-one chat with the singer. It also offers a customized way to listen to The Weeknd’s After Hours album.

Spotify also launched a new microsite that shows off the streaming company’s global reach. The company’s Listening Together campaign gives fans a glimpse into shared music tastes. It also allows users to take part in a remote listening party.

Spotify has also launched a microsite dedicated to the FIFA World Cup. It shows the number of streams the top tracks in the FIFA World Cup have received. It also shows how many listeners are streaming at the same time.

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